Tips for a Perfect Wedding Reception


Check out our simple tips to make your wedding reception awesome:

Tips for a Perfect Wedding Reception  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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  • Make it a highly visual entrance —  If you’re going to splurge on decorations, make sure the entryway gets most of the attention. It will make a huge visual impact, and will wow the guests.
  • Theme after venue — Always choose the right reception venues, and only then select the theme. You can’t do an “All White” theme if the reception or wedding venue is covered in bright colors.
  • Be flexible –– Never fill ALL of your tables with guests, but have a couple of spaces open for any unexpected last minute walk-ins.
  • Trim the reception list –– How many people ACTUALLY need to attend the wedding/reception? Think about all of the people you have invited, and see if you can’t trim the list a bit.
  • Be ready with a backup ––  If you’re planning a wedding in outdoor Melbourne, have a backup in case there’s rain on your wedding day.
  • Separate the wedding and reception venues –– You don’t want the guests to see the caterers delivering the food and drink or setting up the tables, so make sure the wedding venue is in a different location than the reception–even if it’s just different rooms.
  • Cut costs, but don’t skimp –– There are lots of affordable meals and drinks to serve, but don’t be cheap. Your guests will notice, and you can bet your boots they’ll complain about it!
  • Try a daytime wedding –– Just because it’s more romantic to have an afternoon-evening wedding, that doesn’t make it cheaper. Stick with a morning event and you’ll find the cost is lower when the sun is shining.
  • Use long tables –– Round banquet tables may look pretty, but they’re a nightmare to organize. Long tables are much easier to set up, and you can fit a lot more people into far less space.
  • Cut a bit of time ––  If you’re having “cocktail hour”, make sure it lasts no more than 45 minutes. End the party 30 to 45 minutes earlier. Cutting a bit of time off the events can save you a small fortune.
  • Use one venue for both — Finding a cheap wedding venue AND reception venue is going to be tough, but most wedding venues will offer a reception venue at a discounted price. Consider sticking with the same venue for both events.
  • Prepare for kids — Even if the wedding is a strictly no-child event, some guests will have no choice but to bring their kids. Have goodie bags ready for the kids, as well as some form of entertainment to distract them.

Simple tips, but incredibly helpful when it comes to throwing a great wedding reception!

Tips for a Perfect Wedding Reception  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Photo Credit: The White Tree

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