Tips for Sane Wedding Planning


Insanity always threatens when you plan a wedding. With so many details to take care of, problems to solve, and crises to deal with, you may find yourself overwhelmed with everything you need to do. Thankfully, we’ve got some tips to help you plan your wedding the sane way!

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  • Give Him Tasks — Just because men don’t like planning weddings, that doesn’t mean they’re not good at it. You may be surprised to find that the groom can handle a number of wedding tasks, taking them off your plate and making your life a lot easier.
  • Figure Out Compromises — If your man is getting involved, you can bet he’s going to have strong opinions. You’ll need to be willing to compromise, as will he. Figure out a way that you can both come to agreements on the more difficult decisions.
  • Trim Your Spending — As you plan for your wedding, take a look at your current budget and see what “non-essentials” can be trimmed–both from your life and from your wedding. If you can trim the spending, you’ll have a bit of extra cash handy for those surprise expenses that ALWAYS come up.
  • Make Backup Plans — You can bet your boots that something is going to fall through or go wrong at the last minute, so make sure you know how to handle the crises. If the caterer isn’t going to make it, have the number of a good takeout place handy. Have a playlist ready to go if your DJ flakes, and make sure to have an alternative if your priest or pastor falls through.
  • Do It Together — Planning a wedding is far more than one person can handle alone, so do the job together. He may have no idea what the difference is between bone and cream, or care, for that matter. However, doing the job together takes a lot of the burden off your shoulders, and ensures that it is done right.
  • Make It Fun — It’s work to plan a wedding, but who says it has to feel like work? Instead of dragging your feet, make it a fun game. A rewards-based system for the both of you will help you knock wedding items off your planning list quickly, and will help you to enjoy it as you plan.
  • Who Cares Most? — There are many things that he will care about, such as whether you go with a band or DJ, what kind of food is served, and what kind of alcohol will be available. You, however, may care more about the décor and the layout of the venue. Find out who cares more about each aspect of the wedding, and have that person in charge of dealing with it.

No wedding planning is without its headaches, but thankfully you’ve got Red Scooter to help! Our team of wedding planning geniuses will help you get through that planning checklist in a breeze, and you’ll be ready for the big day in no time!

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