Tips from Professional Corporate Event Planners


Planning corporate events in Melbourne requires a lot of attention to detail, as these events are a big deal. Not only do they represent the face of your company, but they’re a necessary part of your professional operations.

Here are some tips from our professional event planners to help you pull off a successful corporate event:

  • Set a budget, but prepare for the unexpected. You need to know how much you can afford to spend, and then set aside a bit extra to cover the cost of the unexpected problems that ALWAYS arise.
  • Book well in advance. Many of the best corporate event venues in Melbourne book months or even years in advance, particularly the more popular ones. If you know you’ve got a corporate event coming up this year, start looking into venues well ahead of time. It’s the only way you can be certain you get the right event venue.
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  • Make copies of everything. No matter how unimportant a document may seem, it will be very important once you lose it. Make copies of every seating chart, itinerary, schedule, guest presentation, and contract that you have, and keep a backup handy just in case you misplace it. Better safe than sorry!
  • Give guests ample time to RSVP. Not all of your guests can drop everything to attend a corporate event, so you need to give them time to figure out their schedules. For internal corporate events, give your employees at least 1 month’s notice. For big corporate events with outside guests, two or three months is a better timeframe.
  • Avoid vacations and holidays. Make sure that your corporate event is planned well away from any holidays, and avoid scheduling events during the months of the year when your employees would go on vacations.
  • Work early in the week. If you’re doing a single-day event, schedule it for Thursday or Friday. If it’s a multi-day event, try starting it on Monday or Tuesday to make it easier for your attendees to fit into their schedules.
  • Elegance over theme. This isn’t a birthday party or a school formal, but it’s a high class corporate event. You want things to look elegant, and that elegance is far more important than any theme. If you can fit in a theme, great, but don’t make it the focus of the event.
Tips from Professional Corporate Event Planners  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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  • Always have backup plans. If it rains, if there is a fire, if the event cannot be held at the Melbourne corporate event venue of your choice, or if any number of exigent circumstances crop up, you need to be ready to go to Plan B. Make sure to have Plans B through D just in case!
  • Don’t forget the extras. Things like transportation, parking, catering, coffee service, and rooming may not be important to you, but to your guests they can make or break the event.

Planning a big corporate event is hard, but thankfully you’ve got Melbourne’s premier event planning team on your side. With Red Scooter’s team and our amazing corporate event venue, everything at your event will be just right!

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