Tips to Help You Find Cheap Melbourne Wedding Venues


If you are trying to cut the cost of your wedding, one of the best ways to do so is to find cheaper Melbourne wedding venues. You’ll find that the wedding venue is probably your largest expense, so cutting costs on the venue is the smart way to go!

Tips to Help You Find Cheap Melbourne Wedding Venues  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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Here are some ways to find cheaper Melbourne wedding venues for your big wedding:

  • Go non-traditional — Instead of getting married at a church, find a non-traditional venue like a vineyard, a bed and breakfast, a museum, or the botanical gardens. These wedding venues are likely to be far less pricey, not to mention far less booked as well.
  • Don’t do Saturday ceremonies –– It’s possible for you to save up to 50% on your wedding if you’ll get married on a Friday or Sunday, or even a week day. Most weddings happen on Saturday, and that’s the time when wedding venues will be booked and pricey.
  • Only get what’s most important –– You probably can’t afford top-notch catering from a 5-star restaurant AND a wedding in Melbourne’s most luxurious venue. Think about what matters most–the view, the ambience, the size, the location, etc.–and book a wedding venue with that in mind. The other things are extras that will cost more.
  • Go out of town –– Just because there are many Melbourne wedding venues to choose from, that doesn’t mean those are your only venues. You may find that getting married in one of the smaller towns within an hour’s drive from the city can save you a fortune!
  • Combine ceremony and reception venue –– Many people opt for their wedding ceremony to be held at a church, and their reception at a reception venue. Try to find a location that will accommodate both ceremony and reception to keep costs low.
  • Downsize the reception –– Instead of hosting a HUGE reception for all your family and friends, keep it nice and small. Stick with a 50-person reception, and throw a huge party a few weeks later to celebrate with everyone.
  • Go all-inclusive —An all-inclusive package will help you to cut costs, as it means that the one wedding venue is providing EVERYTHING: decorations, cake, food, etc.
  • Cut an hour from the reception –– Shortening your wedding reception by just an hour can slice at least 25% off your wedding budget. If the venue charges by the hour, you can save big with a shorter reception.
  • Bring your own liquor – Most wedding venues charge a pretty steep fee for liquor, so it may be a good idea to bring your own. The venue will likely impose a corkage fee, but it will be much lower than what you’d pay for having the venue provide the booze.

If you’re looking for a cost-cutting wedding venue, we’re just what you need! Red Scooter offers one of the best Melbourne wedding venues, with excellent value for your investment. Come on down to our offices–just outside Melbourne’s CBD–and find out why we’re your best option.

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