Tips to Make Your Corporate Event Shine!


Tips to Make Your Corporate Event Shine

Tips to Make Your Corporate Event Shine. No doubt you’ve attended corporate event venues where everything is dry, boring, and guaranteed to put you to sleep before the coffee service is rolled out. Those Melbourne corporate event venues are the ones you dread attending every year. They’re certainly not what you want for your event.

Why not plan an event that people will look back on and say, “That was a great corporate event!” Here are some Tips to Make Your Corporate Event Shine:

Tips to Make Your Corporate Event Shine!  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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Find the right speaker

Your speaker doesn’t need to be the next Tony Robbins. He/she certainly doesn’t need to whip your attendees into a passionate frenzy with their words. However, a good speaker finds the balance between getting across important information and making your employees feel inspired. When they walk out the door. Find a speaker who can deliver both, and your event is off to a brilliant start!

Don’t overpack the schedule

If your attendees are moving from meeting to meeting to meal to meeting again. You can bet their brains are going to be full while their bodies tire out. Give them 15 to 30 minutes between each event, and make sure to shorten the length of the talks/presentations. You’ll find information is absorbed much more easily in short, punchy deliveries.

Be wary of splitting the audience

When planning a corporate event, there’s always the temptation to make it a multi-track event. You can fit more into the same time slots if you do it this way, but you’re going to detract from the shared overall experience. Try to keep all of your attendees on the same track, and it will enhance their experiences at the event.

Tips to Make Your Corporate Event Shine!  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Tips to Make Your Corporate Event Shine

Help people connect

Throwing your attendees into a room for “happy hour” may seem like a great way to help them network. But it’s actually harder than you think. Instead, try splitting people into groups, or do “speed dating-style networking” for an hour or so. It can help them meet more people, and will make it possible to find those with whom they SHOULD be networking. Tips to Make Your Corporate Event Shine

Bring up attendees

Don’t let your speakers and presenters be the only ones on the stage, but have your attendees get up on stage as well. Even if it’s just for a short presentation that lasts 3 to 5 minutes, it will engage them and help them connect with the event more fully.

Summarize concisely

Your keynote speech was probably pretty drawn out, but don’t let the final presentation of the event drag on. Instead, find a way to summarize the event. And recap as concisely as possible, and send the additional information home with your employees in their event packets.

Planning a big corporate event? Let Red Scooter help, and you’ll find that your events are better and more enjoyable than ever! With us working by your side, your Melbourne corporate event will be a hit!

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