Tricks to Get Better Wedding Photos


You’ve booked the picture perfect Melbourne wedding venue, you look absolutely stunning in your wedding dress, and the groom looks dapper and handsome. It’s a wonderful wedding, but when you look at the wedding photos, they’re boring, dull, and lifeless. Say what?! You didn’t pay all that money for boring wedding shots!

Want to MAKE SURE you get good quality wedding photos on your big day? You may not be an expert photographer, but here are a few tricks to ensure your photos come out just right:

  • Fix that posture — Before you hit the photo shoot, study yourself in the mirror and see how your posture looks. You may find that your shoulders tend to slouch a bit, or that you smile at an odd angle when you’re not paying attention. Work on improving your posture so that when it comes time to snap those pictures, you stand up straight but look relaxed and happy.
  • Say “yes” — Did you know that saying the word “yes” while snapping your photos will relax your jaw, give you a happy expression, open your lips just the right amount, and make you look better? Practice taking a few shots where you say “yes” as the camera clicks, and you’ll find yourself looking much more attractive in the photos.
Tricks to Get Better Wedding Photos  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Tricks To Get Better Wedding Photos

  • Say no to pictures — Want to avoid bad pictures while walking down the aisle as a new couple? Say, “The priest (or judge or whoever the officiant is) requested that no pictures be taken for (X reason which you can make up).” It’s much more official-sounding when it comes from the officiant, but most people will ignore the request from the bride and groom.
  • Tilt the bouquets just right — For those bridal bouquets to really stand out in the pictures, have the bridesmaids hold them at a 45 degree angle. It takes a bit of practice to get the angle just right, but that proper angle will show the flowers in all their beauty.
Tricks to Get Better Wedding Photos  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Photo Credit: Warren Photography

  • Take out distractions –– Snapping family photos with the bride and groom’s family can be a challenge, particularly if there are drinks being spilled, cell phones ringing, and children crying. Get rid of anything that could distract the participants from taking at least one good photo, and try to streamline the process in order to finish it quickly.
  • Use ribbon to pull back the curtains — When the wedding procession pushes through that curtain and begins the walk down the aisle, it’s a perfect photo op. However, if there is a hand visible every time the attendants pull back the curtain, it can ruin the photo. Instead, pin a ribbon to the curtain, and have the attendants pull on it instead of the curtain itself. It will save your pictures for sure!
Tricks to Get Better Wedding Photos  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Photo Credit: LJM Photography

Great wedding pictures make for great memories, but you have to plan the whole wedding first! Why not let Red Scooter, one of the top Melbourne wedding venues AND event planning teams, help you make your big day one to remember?!

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