Unique Additions for Your Wedding Ceremony


Most of the weddings held at Melbourne wedding venues this year are going to be the more traditional, formal weddings. There will be lots of white weddings, complete with the formal vows, the bridal procession, and all of the other traditions that make a wedding what it is.

Unique Additions for Your Wedding Ceremony  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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But why not add a unique touch to your own wedding? Instead of following the traditional wedding structure, it’s time to do something different and make your wedding stand out. Here are a few new traditions you can incorporate into your big day:

  • Time Capsule — What’s not to love about a time capsule? Fill a box with all kinds of stuff that represent the beginning of your relationship, and bury that box in your backyard. You’ll show your friends the items you’re putting in the box, and when you dig it up 20 to 30 years later, it will bring back all those happy memories. It’s a wedding tradition that will bring you joys decades down the line!
  • Letters from Missing Guests –– Perhaps not all of your invited guests can attend the wedding, but you can find a way to incorporate them into your ceremony. Ask any guests who cannot attend to send a letter with their wishes and congratulations, and read those aloud during the toasting portion of the evening. Film the bride and groom reading them out, and send a copy of the wedding video to those guests.
  • Create a Family Heirloom — If your families have nothing to pass down from generation to generation, start making one now. Have every member of your family sign a Bible, or a copy of your favorite book. Have an engagement ring crafted specifically for the bride, but with the goal of handing it down to your children once they are old enough.
  • Build a “Fight Box” –– Every couple has times when they are going through rough patches or fighting with each other, but your wedding day is a good time to prepare for those rough times. Build your own “fight box”, complete with a bottle of wine, letters to yourselves and each other, and a few simple tokens to remind the two of you just how much you care for the other person. Years down the line when you’re having a tough go of things, open up that “Fight Box” and read your messages to each other–accompanied by the wine, of course.
  • Light Candles — Instead of lighting a “unity candle”, why not light candles held by all of your guests? The various candles will brighten up the darkened room, just like your love for each other has brightened up your lives. Plus, it makes for excellent wedding photography!
Unique Additions for Your Wedding Ceremony  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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These are just a few great ways to spice up your wedding, and our Red Scooter experts have dozens more. We want your wedding to be unique and memorable, so let us help you make your big day one that you will remember for the rest of your life!

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