Wedding Gifts for your Bride-to-be

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It may not be “the norm” to buy wedding gifts for your bride on your own wedding day, but why not start off your marriage as an epic husband? Your gift will mean more to her than all of the other gifts piled on the table, as it will be something you did for her “just because”.

Not sure what to get her? Here are a few awesome wedding gifts she can’t help but love:

  • Something sexy — You both want to enjoy your wedding night, right? Get her something slinky or sexy, but make sure to give it to her in PRIVATE. It’s not something you want her to open with everyone around!
  • Something shiny –– You’re already putting a ring on it, but why not get her a little trinket extra? You can get her a locket with a space for your wedding photo, or buy a simple pendant with the date of your wedding engraved. Keep it simple, but do something to commemorate this special day.
Wedding Gifts for your Bride-to-be

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  • Something flowery –– There are a host of flowers at her wedding, but why not gift her a single flower that will stand out from all the rest? A red rose will look beautiful among the myriad white roses, or you can get her a more exotic flower to symbolise just how unique she is!
  • Something old –– Do you have an heirloom that is passed down through your family from generation to generation? Now is the perfect time to give it to her! Whether it’s a brooch, pendant, ring, necklace, or anything else, wrap it up nicely and present it to her as a sort of official “welcome to the family”.

Wedding Gifts for your Bride-to-be

  • Something relaxing –– The stress of her wedding day is no doubt going to make her a bit nuts, but that’s par for the course! A great way to show her just how awesome you will be as a husband is to get her a gift that will help to take the edge off in the days following the wedding. Think of a bed and breakfast outside of town, a spa day, or an event with an open bar. Even after you come back from the honeymoon, it’s still good to have this gift handy so she has a way to relax once real life pressure sets in again.
  • Something silly –– Whether it’s a DVD copy of your favourite movie, a book with corny jokes you know she’ll love, or a book that you two can read together, get her something fun or silly as the ideal wedding present!
Wedding Gifts for your Bride-to-be

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  • Something to hang on her wall –­- A photo frame makes for a great gift, especially now that you have LOTS of wedding photos to put in that frame. You can buy a frame to fit one HUGE wedding photo, or buy a frame that comes with space for lots of smaller photos.
Wedding Gifts for your Bride-to-be

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