Wedding Gowns for Plus Sized Brides


Buying a wedding dress should be one of the happiest moments in your wedding planning. Choosing your wedding venue in Melbourne, hiring a caterer, and finding the right entertainment is all the “work” side of things, but it’s a dream come true to float around the wedding dress shop wearing gauzy, delicate dresses.

Wedding Gowns for Plus Sized Brides  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Wedding Gowns for a Plus Sized Bride

Unfortunately, wedding dress shops don’t often cater to the average woman. Many dresses are just way too small, especially if you’ve got a larger frame. It can be hard to shop for your beautiful, full-figured body, but here are some tips to help you find the right plus-sized wedding dress:

  • Don’t mind the size — If you wear an 18 on a regular basis, you may find that the wedding dresses that fit you may actually be a 20. This is because wedding dresses are sized smaller than they should be. Don’t let the number on the size tag bother you, but find the dress that fits.
  • Remember the cost — When shopping for a wedding dress, remember that plus-sized dresses cost more. Manufacturers charge extra for the extra material and decorative work. Plan your budget accordingly. If you’re going to have a dress made for you, make certain to ask for the beading and embellishment to be limited in order to keep costs low.
  • Find the right silhouette — Finding the right dress for your frame doesn’t have to be difficult. For women bursting out of their brassieres, the trumpet silhouette dress is the ideal option. For the women with more junk in the trunk, consider the A-line cut. For apple-shaped women with rounded curves, consider ballgowns or empire dresses. Find a dress that flares out above the knee in order to accent your natural curviness.
  • Find the right fabrics — There are LOTS of fabrics that will flatter your body, if you know how to find the right ones. Taffeta, for example, is wonderful for brides with curvaceous bodies, as they give your silhouette a very smoothed out, streamlined look. The beading on your bodice or applique can draw attention to problem areas, and remember that strapless styles tend to accentuate large shoulders.
  • Ask for help — Instead of hoping that you find the right dress, ask the dressmaker or sales attendant for help. After years of helping other brides find the right dress, it should be a cinch for them to help you choose the dress that makes you look the stunning bride you are.
  • Be confident — You may not be thrilled with the way you look, but you look beautiful! Be confident in your body type, and find that style of wedding dress that makes you feel as beautiful as you are. You need to be comfortable in your own skin!
Wedding Gowns for Plus Sized Brides  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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Finding the right wedding dress is just one step in the wedding planning process. For all the rest, why not let Red Scooter help you? We’re the best at what we do, and we make planning a wedding look easy!

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