Wedding Reception Feedback

Dear Eammon, Erin & the Red Scooter family,

Well what can we say to you that you haven’t heard before? When you are given the privilege of having such a professional team involved at your wedding reception venue you can’t help but wonder how does everyone else do it? From the very first second that Kosta and I walked into Red Scooter we knew that we had found our wedding reception venue in Melbourne. Looking back I think it was the defining moment in setting the tone for our special day. From the very beginning it was obvious that Eammon and Erin were there to work with us. Anything is possible when you are working with a team that is so positive, skilled and vibrant.

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To have good food, a good venue and a good atmosphere; they were our key goals leading up to the wedding. A big European family needs nothing more than those three things. With Eammon and Erin coordinating our wedding venue we knew that we had nothing to worry about. The night was perfectly planned with a running sheet that ran so smoothly that all of our guests were dazzled by what they perceived as a completely spontaneous evening of events. This leads me to Joel the head chef whom Kosta and I had the privilege of meeting in the days leading up to the wedding. Over a sample antipasto platter and a glass of wine he helped us to finalise our wedding reception menu, offering guidance and advice in what would be best suited to both the large number of guests attending and the European palette.

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A designer lolly bar; the type that would resemble something out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This was the final hurdle leading up to our wedding reception in Melbourne, determined to give it that  personal touch I had ordered all of the lollies and jars myself and setting it up on the night of the wedding reception was the problem. Once again Eammon provided the solution. He provide me with all of the tables and stands, then allowed me to set everything up two nights before the wedding staying back while I went about recreating the image in my mind. The truly amazing part is that in order to ensure the surprise effect for our guest on the night, once I had set up the lolly bar it all had to be taken apart and put back together by the Red Scooter staff on the night of the wedding reception. They coordinated and reassembled it perfectly and our guests reacted with the shear joy and excitement of kids in a candy store. The effect was further enhanced by the roving ice-creams provided by Red Scooter that were paraded around the room by our own personal wedding reception ice-cream man.

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The big night came; we arrived at Red Scooter and walked into the wedding reception venue. It was nothing short of extravagant. Kosta and I along with our guests were greeted personally by the staff member servicing us for the evening. As the night progressed Eammon and Flora ensured that everything was perfectly coordinated and ran smoothly while our guest were overwhelmed by the divine food and extremely friendly and efficient service that left us wanting for nothing. The DJ recommended by Red Scooter was a great addition to the band that we had hired and kept the atmosphere at a high all night. Our night was so much more than a normal Melbourne wedding reception, thanks to the Red Scooter team it was a ‘Magical Spectacular’! Thank you all so much for all of your efforts. They definitely did not go unnoticed and we will look forward to our next opportunity to return for another Red Scooter experience. We will certainly be recommending Red Scooter to anyone who will listen!

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Photo Credit: Dreamlife

Yours sincerely,

Kosta & Janelle Nicolaou

Bride & Groom

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