Wedding Vendors Review – Kirk Samuel Goodsell

No wedding ceremony is complete without a celebrant to perform the ceremony, and Red Scooter is proud to recommend Kirk Samuel Goodsell as a wedding celebrant you’ll be thrilled to work with!

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About Kirk Samuel Goodsell

Originally from Perth, Kirk moved to Melbourne in 2007. He became a wedding celebrant in 2008, and has since performed hundreds of weddings around Melbourne, the state of Victoria and even in other states.

The reason he became a wedding celebrant? These are his own words:

“I became a celebrant after attending other weddings and found that the ceremonies lacked life, energy and all seemed very generic. Where were the personal elements? Where was the fun? In my opinion, ceremonies should be light, upbeat, warm, personal and most importantly about the couple.”

If you want a fresh, energetic wedding celebrant to perform your ceremony, you’ll definitely want to work with Kirk. Not only will he bring laughter and energy to your wedding ceremony, but he’ll also deliver an ideal balance of solemnity and fun.

We’ve worked with Kirk for years, and we still love to hear the new, fresh additions to his ceremonies every time he performs them. No two weddings are the same and he’ll always spice things up with a joke, a pithy quote, or a lesson that will hit the spot. There’s never a dull moment when Kirk is performing your wedding ceremony!

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What His Clients Have to Say

Here are a few testimonials from clients who have been thrilled with his work:

You were the most amazing celebrant. Not only were you professional, but were so caring as being first timers, we had no idea what to expect. You were very patient and really made us feel special. It was almost like you were part of the family. A perfect day full of love and laughter.” — Samantha and John Beaine

“Thank you for being our celebrant for our wedding. You did a fabulous job and we were thrilled with the service. Wishing you all the best for the future.” — Sabooh & Steve Whitelaw

“Kirk, thank you for making our wedding day marvelous. Your professionalism and humour was so much appreciated by all of us on the day and in the months leading up to the wedding. The ceremony was perfect, and your patience with our many changes was so great…” — Jayne & Michael

As you can see, Kirk is a master at his craft and he’ll help to transform your wedding into something special! Don’t worry that the ceremony will be dry or dull–Kirk is adept at turning even the most solemn, boring of events into something everyone will be happy to sit through.

With Kirk as your wedding celebrant, it will be an event to remember!

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Find out more about Kirk Samuel Goodsell:

Visit his website:

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Give him a call: 0404566077

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