What really makes an event stand out?


One of the things that has always amazed me about meeting with some of our prospective couples planning their wedding reception, is how some of them come back and say that Red Scooter was by far the most efficient wedding venue in getting back to our initial enquiry and how great our customer service is and that the venue has a great wow factor for wedding receptions. Then they come back to us and say we’ve booked another wedding venue somewhere else in Melbourne that’s taken ages to get back to the initial enquiry and generally didn’t provide the couple with any good old fashioned hospitality.

What really makes an event stand out?  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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I often wonder how their wedding receptions end up. Did the venue do the one percenters, did they really care? Or is it just another date filled?

To give you a brief about Red Scooter’s standard wedding reception services I have outlined below some of the process of how we run our wedding receptions and venues.

Once the wedding reception venue has been book and a proposal / budget has been signed off, the real wedding coordinating begins…..

1.    Our Wedding Coordinators creates running sheets, floor plans and designs a check list based around the individual clients needs.

2.    The bride, groom and the Wedding Coordinator work very closely (including a two hour Confirmation of Details’ meeting), to ensure no piece of detail is left unturned.

3.    Weekly Management Meetings are held, where all managers attend and discuss the upcoming weddings in detail. This is to ensure all final checks and questions have been signed off on.

4.    We have a specially created ‘Intranet’ for all staff to access all upcoming events. Floor plans, running sheets and menus are available for the staff to familiarise themselves with the event before briefing.

5.    On the evening the wedding venues are fully set-up a minimum of two hours before the event. This includes feature LED lighting, audio checks a final walk through and briefing of all staff.

6.    The venues security and parking attendants arrive a minimum of an hour before the wedding reception to set-up parking signage, placing of red carpet & bollards for entry doors and final cleaning for the street.

7.    All of our staff are required to wear uniforms and to be groomed appropriately.

8.    As guests arrive to the wedding reception venue, the parking attendants greet the guests and show them where to park (we have up to 120 free car parking spaces available).

9.    Once guests have parked their cars, they walk up to the wedding venues entrance and be greeted / welcomed by our staff. If there are any guests who require disable access, staff will show the guests the disabled lift and let the venues Operations Manager know to greet the guest at the top of the lift.

10.  All staff from floor, security, kitchen, etc. are linked into two way radios. Ensuring all staff can speak to one another at any time and ensure the wedding reception runs smoothly (we are great communicators).

11.  In the wedding venue, our Operations Manager runs the evening. They are in charge of ensuring the wedding reception venue runs correctly to the running sheets and EVERY guest is looked after.

12.  The Security and Parking Attendances will remain outside at all times. This is to ensure all guests’ cars are secure and if any guests are smoking they feel safe.

13.  Having four sets of staff members on the floor during the wedding.

i.     Operations Manager, who produces the event.

ii.    Bar Staff, they all poor drinks and refresh glassware.

iii.   Beverage Floor Staff, the staff offer roving beverages, table service and help the Bar Staff with refreshing glassware.

iv.   Food Service Staff, the staff are only allocated to running and serving food. Which means the flow of the wedding reception does not change, and guests never have to wait to be looked after.

14.  As the wedding reception gets under way, there are always a number of guests who are smokers. Being a non smoking venue, guests have to exit the venue to the ground level. The security shows the guests where they can and can’t smoke and our security staff will stay with the guests until they move back into the wedding reception venue.  If there are any specific formalities through the wedding and the clients would like all guests to be in the wedding reception venue at this point. The Operations Manager, calls down to Security with the radios and asks the Security to make sure all guests on the ground level come back in the venue.

15.  As guests exit the wedding venues, the security and parking attendants once again ensure all guests leave safely. This could be by providing taxis, walking the wedding reception guests to their cars or by making sure that guests who are intoxicated (whom the security feel they are over the road limit  as per the guild lines of the Responsible Service of Alcohol Victoria), do not drive home. In this instance the security would find alternate transport for the guest.

16.  After the wedding is completed our wedding reception coordinator will call and send a survey to the client to find out how the wedding went from their perspective.

Red Scooter is an Event Venue and Event Management service all rolled into one. We have been located in Balaclava for the last fifteen years, and we are still the most award winning wedding reception venue in Melbourne!

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What really makes an event stand out?  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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