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What to Serve at Your Office Christmas Dinner Party


There’s nothing like a good Christmas dinner party to reward your guests for another great year of hard work. You’ll find that a delicious meal can be a good way to enjoy the company of the other employees in your company, and you can all sit down and socialize over a delicious feast.

But what should you eat?

Save Finger Food for Next Year

Most Christmas parties feature finger food, canapés, and appetizers, none of which will be very filling. They are best if you’re going to have a dance party or a party with games. This year, you’re going to have a seated party, one complete with toasts, drinks, and all the food your guests could ask for.

What to Serve at Your Office Christmas Dinner Party  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Mini Burgers for your Christmas Party

But what should you serve?

Ideas for Your Christmas Dinner Menu

Not sure what should be the main course for your meals? Here are a few delicious Christmas dinners you can serve to your guests:

What to Serve at Your Office Christmas Dinner Party  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Sushi for your Christmas Party

  • Ham —Who doesn’t love a good Christmas ham? You’ll find that an orange and honey glaze is always popular, or you could go for a spicy rub if you’re interested in getting creative. It’s a filling meal that your guests will enjoy, though there may be some with dietary restrictions that prevent them from eating this pork.
  • Roast Beef –– A few slices of roast beef, and all of your troubles will melt away. Unlike pork, it’s not as prohibited in as many cultures, so you can enjoy red meat. Vegetarians may not be pleased to see this on the menu, but everyone else will be.
  • Chicken –– A whole roast chicken will please almost everyone in the room – even the less-than-strict vegetarians will often eat chicken. It’s a fairly inexpensive meat to use, so it will allow your party budget to stretch much further. Plus, it’s fun and easy to eat – particularly hot wings!
  • Turkey –– Want to go the classic American Christmas route? Serving a big bird with stuffing and mashed potatoes is the way for you to go traditional, plus you’ll only need to serve two or three birds for it to stretch. With so much meat, there’s plenty to go around.
  • Fish — Who doesn’t love a good slab of fresh fish? You’ll find that making fish can take a lot more work, but it’s an ideal meal for almost everyone. Most vegetarians will eat it, and fish is a fairly popular meal in Melbourne.
  • Shrimp ––  Only go for shrimp if you really want to spoil your employees. It’s an expensive ingredient, but one that makes any meal a luxurious treat. You’ll find that it can be prepared in an amazingly wide variety of dishes, and you can enjoy it no matter who you are.
What to Serve at Your Office Christmas Dinner Party  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Asiette Menu for your Christmas Party

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Choosing the menu for your Christmas dinner can be a challenge, not to mention planning all the other little details. Red Scooter is one of Melbourne’s premium event planning companies, and you’ll love what we can do to make your Christmas dinner party a roaring success!