What You'll Need for Your University Balls


Throwing a party at university is a good way to not only meet people (especially of the opposite sex), but also a great way to blow off some steam after you’ve just spent the week studying hard. If your mid-terms are finally in your rear view mirror, it’s time to kick back and enjoy some fun with your friends.

What You'll Need for Your University Balls  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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To help you plan your party, take a look at the checklist below to see if you’ve got everything you need for the big event:

  • Theme — The theme of the party is supremely important. The right theme will help to set the tone for the party, and can make the event a whole lot more memorable for those attending. Check out some of the other blog posts on the Red Scooter blog to get some great theme ideas – such as The Jazz Age, The Great Gatsby, and other college party themes.
  • Music — The music could make or break the party. With the right music, you’ll have people dancing and raving all night long. With the wrong music, it could be a night where people leave early – or, God forbid, attend another party. It may be worth hiring a DJ, and you’ll definitely need a good sound system to blare those rocking tunes. Just make sure you’ve got enough music to last all party long, and someone that knows how to spin a good mix to get people moving and partying.
  • Alcohol –– One of the most important parts of college parties is the beer, preferably in kegs – which will allow for keg-stands, beer chugging, beer pong, and all the other awesome drinking games that revolve around beer. You may want to keep it at beer, as going too strong can lay people out before the party is properly underway. Beer is the most economical alcohol, so it’s your best option for saving money and yet still having a party where there’s plenty for everyone to drink.
  • Venue –– If you’re throwing the party at your home, it’s time to “party-proof” the place. You’ll want to hide anything you don’t want walking away with a guest, and move any furniture that’s not made from cast iron or stainless steel. Lock the doors to any rooms where you don’t want your guests to enter, but make sure to have plenty of bathrooms available for those that need them. Trust me, with all of the beer flowing, you’ll have a long line for the bathroom.

Once you’ve considered these four things, you’re basically ready for the party. You can get mixing the tunes, serving the drinks, and ripping it up college style!

If you need a helping hand with your party, Red Scooter is here to help. We’re a premier party planning company with a venue located just a few kilometers from downtown Melbourne – making it perfect for your events. We’ll help you plan the theme, host the party at our hall, run the music, and keep things going until you’re all partied out. We’ve got catering services to keep your guests well fed, and you’ll find that we’re the right choice for your university balls and events!

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