What’s Hot in Events Right Now? Circus


What’s Hot in Events Right Now? Circus

Roll Up its What’s Hot in Events Right Now? Circus. Good day audience! For the next few instalments, this Red Scooter blog is going to be your introduction to the event entertainment world, and everything that is hip and happening within our ever evolving industry.  These are the trends that we have noticed on the rise, and the entertainment acts that are emerging as a result – be prepared to be amazed!

Cirque du Soleil revolutionised the old travelling circus – where bearded ladies and the old strongman were replaced by traditional Chinese performance groups, uniquely talented (and ridiculously bendy) athletes, combined with astronomical makeup and costumes. This new world circus not only infected the world, but spread across the events industry to breed an all new “Circus” theme. Gone are the days of miniature pony petting zoos and clowns. Now, a new brand of Gothic circus performers and acts have arrived. Reminiscent of 1920’s touring circus, but with a whole lot more spunk. What’s Hot in Events Right Now? Circus

What's Hot in Events Right Now? Circus  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Circus Themed Event

We have had the privilege of hosting some of the industry’s top performers here at Scooter; it’s necessary that we share the love, and give you an idea of the acts out there and how incredibly breathtaking they are.

Chris Morant – Manifesto and Atmosfire

Chris Morant was brought to us by Andrew and Jo in late January. A fabulous couple with an even more magnificent Circus themed Wedding. Chris entertained the crowd with his brilliant Manifesto act, an old fashioned mime. He wandered through the crowd of guests fusing mime, magic, masks. And dance to tell his story. The ‘Atmosfire’ was electric when he later took to the black and white dance floor in a daredevil display of fire dancing!

Free Coulston – Aerial Artist

It is quite a sight to see someone hanging from the roof (especially at a wedding). Let alone doing flips and dangling upside down from a hoop! Free Coulston is a circus performer specialising in tissu, aerial ring and adagio, and boy is she impressive. We don’t think we heard the guests at Andrew and Jo’s wedding breathe for the 10 minutes she was performing!

Trick Tease – raunchy, raucous & entertaining

Australia’s best pick up artist. Literally. Whilst some may be smitten already – the real love begins when Mr Plonk lifts all four women off the ground on his nifty plank! Oliver Hume’s guests were still laughing when Tinkle and Plonk took to the stage (mid-argument) to display their unlikely pair. They do manage to overcome their argument long enough to show off some pretty impressive balances, keeping the crowd amused and awe struck the entire time.

What's Hot in Events Right Now? Circus  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

What’s Hot in Events Right Now? Circus

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