When to Plan Your Destination Wedding


There are many beautiful wedding reception venues Melbourne can offer, but there’s something about a destination wedding that’s hard to pass up on. Getting married in a brand new place makes for a wonderful adventure, and the truth is that it’s a great way to do something out of the ordinary.

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When to Plan Your Destination Wedding

But do you know WHEN to plan your wedding? If you already have a destination in mind, it’s important to know when is the best time of year to plan that big day!

Spring Wedding (Sep – Nov)

It’s a shame to leave Melbourne during the spring, as that’s one of the most beautiful times of year! However, here are a few great places to travel to during spring:

  • Europe — The climate in Europe is fairly mild during the month of September, but things turn a bit colder as spring in the Southern Hemisphere ends.
  • Central America — For those who want a bit of rain to make their wedding photos pop, it’s rainy season is Central America.
  • Japan — This is the time of year when Japan is at its greenest!

Summer Wedding (Dec – Feb)

Summer in Melbourne can be pretty brutal, so it’s definitely time to leave Australia for cooler climes. North America and most of Europe will be pretty hot, but you’ve still got a few great options:

  • Egypt — There’s no better time to visit the Great Pyramids than in the Egyptian winter, when the sun isn’t shining down too hot!
  • Marrakech –– The heat in Northern Africa will have lessened during these months, so it won’t be too oppressive.
  • Fiji — During the first few months of the year, the humidity in the Fiji islands decreases.

Autumn Wedding (Mar – May)

Things are starting to get a bit chilly in Melbourne by the time autumn is coming to a close, but in the northern half of the world, it’s springtime! Here’s where to get married:

  • Europe — Think Switzerland, Scandinavia, the UK, France, and Italy. Now is when these countries are at their most beautiful.
  • North America –– For a New York, Los Angeles, or Vancouver wedding, the months of March through May are when everything is green and gorgeous.
  • Caribbean –– The weather in the Caribbean will be nice and warm, but without too much humidity or rain.

Winter Wedding (Jun to Aug)

When winter comes in Melbourne, it’s summer in some of the world’s best wedding destinations:

  • Florida — There’s nothing like a summer wedding on Miami Beach, or a honeymoon to Disney World in Orlando.
  • Mexico — The Mexican summer is hot, but it makes for a wonderfully relaxing time on the beach or in your resort.
  • Hong Kong — For an exotic Oriental wedding, this is the time of year when you want to be in Hong Kong!
When to Plan Your Destination Wedding  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Planing a Destination Wedding

If you’d rather plan for Melbourne wedding venues, it’s time to look into the local wedding reception venues. Look no further than Red Scooter. Not only do we offer one of the most unique venues in the city, but our team of professional staff is at your beck and call to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

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