Where are You Going to Get Married?


When you think of your big wedding day, where do you picture yourself? Do you see yourself getting married in the traditional church setting, or why not try something new and fresh? Who says you have to get married by the beach? For your big day, it’s time to think outside of the traditional wedding box!

Where are You Going to Get Married?  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Where are you going to get married?

Here are a few crazy ideas for you to consider:

Hot Air Balloon

Wouldn’t it be amazed to say your vows to each other floating high in the air? There’s nothing more surreal than staring out over the beautiful Australian landscape as you and your spouse join your lives together forever, and it is a moment that you will never forget. Unless one of you is absolutely terrified of heights, there are few settings more romantic than floating high over the ground in a hot air balloon.


The caves of Coober Pedy have become a popular destination for outback weddings, but there are thousands of other caves all around the continent where you can seal the deal with your vows and a kiss. You can take a spelunking (cave exploring) trip and get married at the bottom of the cave, or visit the Capricon Caves in Queensland. Talk about a unique wedding venue!


If you and your spouse love art, science, the theatre, and all of the other wonders you can see at a museum, it may be worth tying the knot there. The Hellenic Museum is a place where you can get married in a room surrounded by amazing expositions and works of art, or you can consider the Melbourne Museum as your ideal wedding venue. It’s not a common venue, but who wants to go with the norm?


If you and your new spouse are snow bunnies, why not think about getting married on a glacier? You may need to act soon in order to get married on one of the few glaciers still located in Oceania, as they are slowly receding thanks to global warming. You’ll find that the glaciers of Papua New Guinea and New Zealand make for a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos – though a chilly one!


The Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia’s most iconic landmarks, so why not get married there? There are popular wedding venues like Lizard Island and Hamilton Island, but you can also find underwater weddings on the reef itself. Imagine saying your vows to each other underwater, and sealing it with a saltwater kiss – surrounded by friends, family, and the amazing wildlife that lives on the reef. Talk about a day you’ll never forget!

Where are You Going to Get Married?  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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No matter what type of wedding you want to plan, let Red Scooter help you out! Our award-winning wedding venue has everything you need, but we’re willing to help you plan that wedding at any of Australia’s most popular venues. As one of the best event planning services in Melbourne, we know just how much work goes into making your wedding come off without a hitch. Let us worry about the details – you can just enjoy your special day!

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