Where to Host Your Melbourne Xmas Party


Where to Host Your Melbourne Xmas Party

If you’re trying to plan one of the best Xmas party functions Melbourne has ever seen. The first thing you need to decide on in a venue for this marvelous affair! Choosing the right venue will ensure that you’ve got the feel of the party just right. And you can plan the rest of the Xmas party around the venue. Where to Host Your Melbourne Xmas Party

Where to Host Your Melbourne Xmas Party  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Where to Host Your Melbourne Xmas Party

But Where to Host Your Melbourne Xmas Party?


Cocktails right on the Melbourne waterfront? Yes please! This is an absolutely stunning venue, and your guests will love to stop and stare out over the water as the sun sets.


The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art is one of the best venues for corporate events. You’ll love the haute-couture feel of the modern art museum the minute you walk in through the front doors. With towering ceiling, colorful décor, and art that will blow your mind, this is definitely a venue to consider.

The Atlantic Restaurant

The Atlantic Restaurant sits right on the Yarra River, making it a perfect place to enjoy an Xmas party in the cool evening air. With one of the best menus you can find for kilometers in any direction. This is a great place to host an elegant dinner for your employees’ Xmas party.

Where to Host Your Melbourne Xmas Party  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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Bob’s Steak and Chop House

You’d think that this would be a simple place, but your mouth will drop when you walk into the traditional steakhouse. It makes for a great venue for a party that’s not over the top, and your meat-loving employees will waddle out of this Xmas party happier than they have ever been.

Chill on Ice Lounge & Ski Lodge

This is one of the hottest clubs in Melbourne, and yet it’s icy cold! It’s a lounge and bar sculpted entirely from ice, and serving cold cocktails like no other lounge in the city. It’s definitely a unique venue for all of your corporate events, and it will allow your guests to enjoy a cold winter for a few hours at least.

Como House and Garden

This sprawling mansion has one of the most beautiful gardens in the city. You’ll love the peace and quiet of the venue. Your party will definitely add a lot of passion and fun to the place, but there’s always places where guests seeking a bit of silence can always slip off to. The historic mansion is beautifully decorated, and it’s a venue for your corporate events like no other.

Red Scooter

Red Scooter isn’t your traditional venue for corporate events, but that’s what makes us so awesome! We can plan a party like no other venue in the city, and you’ll love the flexibility and versatility of our venue. We’re just a few kilometers outside of Melbourne’s CBD, and we’ve got a menu that will blow your taste buds away. Our award-winning event planning service will be at your disposal as you plan an Xmas function that Melbourne will not soon forget. Give us a call or pay us a visit, and see how we can make this a Christmas like no other!

Where to Host Your Melbourne Xmas Party  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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