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Who Should You Hire to Keynote Your Corporate Events?


Planning corporate events can take a lot of work – work that we’re more than happy to help you with. We’ll take care of handling all the venue and set-up details, allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of your corporate event: organizing the various meetings, conferences, and speeches that make up the core of the event.

The keynote is one of the most important parts of any corporate event, as it starts it off on the right foot. With a good keynote, those attending the corporate event will be motivated and ready to spend the next few hours or days sucking up all the information you have to impart to them through the conference.

Who Should You Hire to Keynote Your Corporate Events?  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Key Note Speaker for Corporate Events

If you want to do the keynote right, you may want to invite a special guest speaker to give the big speech. Here are a few of the best keynote speakers to consider:

Peter Baines

As a former police officer and forensic investigator, Peter Baines takes on keynote speeches from a unique perspective. He is a speaker of international renown, and his talks focus on social responsibility, the management of change, and leadership insights. If your corporate event is focused on helping your employees develop their skills as leaders in their field, Peter Baines is your man!

Toni Fitzgerald

Best-selling author and recipient of the Gold Quilly Award Toni Fitzgerald is a force to be reckoned with, which is what has made her an ideal keynote speaker for so many big events in Australia. She loves to share with others how to connect with both employees and customers, as well as how to motivate and inspire employees to be the best they can be.

Dr. Adam Fraser

Dr. Fraser has worked with world-renowned athletes, and he is recognized as one of the country’s top leaders, researchers, and educators in the world of performance. His keynote speeches are motivating and riveting, and his contagious energy can help to inspire your employees to push themselves as hard as he pushed athletes, members of the armed forces, and elite business professionals.

Allan Pease

Understanding human body language is Allan Pease’s bread and butter, and he is one of the leading motivational speakers in Australia. He loves to share communication skills and tricks with others, and his speeches are still changing the way companies and corporations in the country do business. If your event is focusing on helping your executives and team leaders understand their employees better, this is the keynote speaker for you.

Who Should You Hire to Keynote Your Corporate Events?  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Product DemonstrationSpeaker

These four speakers can help to kick off your corporate event just right, and you can transition right into the wealth of information that you’re going to be sharing with your leaders and managers at your corporate event. We’ll make sure that the behind-the-scenes details are all taken care of, freeing you up to focus on the event itself. Our conveniently-located venue is just 6 kilometres away from Melbourne CBD, and you’ll find that our award-winning service is just what you need to make your corporate event go off without a hitch.