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Work Christmas Party Games


Coming up with work Christmas party ideas can take a lot of work, and you’ll find that a good deal of effort goes into planning a Christmas party that your employees will actually enjoy. You’ve got to find a good venue, look for a catering service that serves food that the guests will eat, and find some sort of entertainment.

Work Christmas Party Games  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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If you want a bit of help with your party, we’ve got the manpower you need! Red Scooter is here to help you with your event, and we’ve got some cool party game ideas you can play at your event:

  • Ornament Guessing Game — You have to have a Christmas tree at your party, and make sure to decorate it with a whole lot of ornaments. When all of the guests arrive, have them stand in front of the tree and guess how many ornaments are on it. The guest that gets closest to the real number receives a prize of some sort.
  • Stocking Filling Race –– Divide your guests up into a few teams, and give each team a tablespoon. Have them race to fill the stocking with candies, using only the tablespoon. To make things even more fun, make them carry the candies across an open space to reach the stockings on the other side of the room. Any candies that spill off the spoon have to be left on the floor. First time to fill their stocking wins!
  • Pin the Nose on Rudolph –– Who doesn’t love a good game of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”? In this Christmas version of the game, you’ve got a red nose that needs to get pinned onto Rudolph the Reindeer. You can enjoy the American tradition and have fun with this silly game.
  • Tie the Christmas Tie –– Collect a dozen or so of the ugliest Christmas ties you can find – the more garish and brightly colored, the better! Divide up your guests into teams of three, and have two team members place one hand behind their backs. Their other hand will be used to tie the tie around the neck of the third person, who cannot help them. Give each team 60 to 90 seconds to tie the tie, and give the prize to the team that tied the most elegant knot.
  • White Elephant Gift Exchange — This North American tradition can be a lot of fun if your employees are good sports. Every employee has to bring a gift – usually under a certain dollar limit – and place their gift into the middle. They all draw a number, and they choose prizes in numerical order. Employees can either choose an unwrapped gift from the pile, or else “steal” a gift that another person has. The game ends when everyone has a gift.
Work Christmas Party Games  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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These are just a few fun and crazy party games we love to play at our Xmas party, but we’ve got lots more for you to work with at your Xmas function. Give us a call, and we can help you plan the perfect party for your employees. Red Scooter is here to help your Christmas event go off without a hitch!