Your Conference Planning Checklist


Your Conference Planning Checklist

Looking for a Your Conference Planning Checklist The day of your big conference is finally approaching, and your nerves are probably a bit frazzled as the big day draws nearer. Are you forgetting something, do you have everything you need, and will there be any last-minute problems with the event?

Whoa, there! Slow down, take a breath, and take a moment to go over the checklist below to ensure that you’ve got everything ready for the big day.

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Your Conference Planning Checklist

Do you have:

  • Projectors — This includes the overhead projector, the projection screen, and the stands. Don’t forget the remote control – it makes it easier for you to control the projector.
  • Video Equipment — You may need a DVD player, VHS player, and a large TV screen if you plan on playing any video footage.
  • Videoconferencing Equipment — You’ll need  microphones, the telephone set, a screen, and a webcam.
  • Computers — A laptop can be handy if you need a portable computer, but you may also want to have a desktop set up for reliable computing. Don’t forget a keyboard, mouse, and computer screen – plus computer speakers just in case.
  • Sound Equipment — You’ll need microphones and headsets, a few speakers, a mixer, and all of the necessary cables to set up a complete sound system.
  • Lighting — If the conference venue has simple overhead lighting, you may need a spotlight to shine on the speaker, lights for your party event, etc.
  • Other Equipment — Think laser pointers for guests giving presentations, flip charts, and slide trays.
Your Conference Planning Checklist  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Your Conference Planning Checklist

Check all of these items off the list, and you’ve got all the equipment you need!

Technical Checklist

  • How many plugs are available around the room? Will they be enough for all of the guests attending the event?
  • Is there a sound system built into the conference room or party hall? Will it be sufficient for the event, or will we need more?
  • How sound-proof is the room? If you’re going to be holding an event that involves a lot of noise, will it bother other events held at the venue? Will other events in the building bother you?
  • Is the ceiling high enough to accommodate overhead projectors?
  • Sufficient ventilation, air conditioning, and heating?
  • Enough natural light, or is the overhead lighting sufficient for the hours that your guests will spend in the room? Can the curtains or shades be drawn to block out light, and how dark can you make the room?
  • Is there additional equipment available should I need it? Are there staff members that can help solve equipment problems should they arise?
  • Is my company responsible for any stolen, lost, or damaged equipment? Is there a CCTV surveillance system in place to provide security for my event?
  • How early can I access the room to begin preparations for the event?

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